Rachel Preston Prinz

(photo from EntreArchitect)

If you have ever thought about starting your own nonprofit architecture firm you should listen to this amazing story. Rachel Preston Prinz is a public interest architect who shares her experience with launching her nonprofit as well as directing her first documentary! Listen to her story in this podcast by EntreArchitect, Building a Successful Nonprofit Funded by a For Profit Firm.

Rachel Preston Prinz is an architecturally trained American designer working in architecture and design, place-making, cultural and historical preservation and community engagement. Rachel promotes the craft of architecture and the genius loci – spirit of place – as told through photography, publishing, marketing, and design. In addition to running the consulting firm Archinia and a non profit Architecture for Everybody, Rachel has served as a preservation commissioner in Taos, New Mexico, as a host of the University of New Mexico Taos Sustainability Institute, and as co-host of the TedX ABQ Women.

Listen to more podcasts on EntreArchitect.

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