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What is human-centered design?

It’s a process that starts with the people you’re designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor made to suit their needs.

Advance your social impact skills this year by taking a free course on human-centered design. The design kit and online course are organized by Acumen and

The Course for Human-Centered Design is a seven-week curriculum that will introduce you to the concepts of human-centered design and how this approach can be used to create innovative, effective, and sustainable solutions for social change.

The course starts February 16, 2016 and runs through April. Folks are responsible for assembling a team of 2-6 who can meet in person 5 times for each 5-hour session.

Read more about the course and other offerings on the Acumen website.


Photos by Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Virginia Tech students and their teachers, Keith and Marie Zawistowski, designed and built the Sharon Fieldhouse in the historic rail town of Clifton Forge. As part of the Design/BuildLAB, an experiential learning program at the Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design, the teachers have developed a relationship with Clifton Forge and have built several projects there. Students collaborate with the community in order to create architecture that benefits the common good. As the group states on their webpage, they want students to understand the value of design and “make a difference in the life of a community”.

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