Every year, in September, DCBIA organizes a community improvement day. I volunteered with my work colleagues this year on a gorgeous end of summer day. We chipped stones and hauled dirt and even learned a thing or two about landscapes. Here’s why you should try it next year:

  1. Yes, you will work up a sweat. Many organized volunteer activities leave participants bored  without feeling like they’ve helped out. Not with DCBIA, they had enough work to keep 100+ people busy for 5 hours building a park + community garden.
  2. Spending time ‘in the field’.  It’s rare to get to build something without a mouse click.
  3. You can get involved before the big build. Volunteer architects, planners, engineers, and other designers start working on the plans months before the build day. See how you can get involved.

See more about the volunteer day here.

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