The Architecture firm that I work for, ZGF, participated in PARK(ing) Day this year. Here are some photos from our ‘Perspective Park’ and my lessons learned from participating in PARK(ing) Day:

  1. It is fun!
  2. DDOT has created event guidelines for DC. Register under your company and follow the event guideline instructions or else your park may not end up on the DC PARK(ing) Day map. (That is what happened to us…sad face.)
  3. Permits are between $50 and $80.
  4. Citizens in action – people will call the cops if you are painting a parking space…even with chalk paint. Luckily cops are aware that chalk paint washes away and that PARK(ing) Day is an awesome event!!
  5. It qualifies for the 1% Program! If your company is a member you can put time towards this.
  6. Get ready for 2015 starting…now!

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