Living Building Standard 3.0 from ILFI

Some refer to the Living Building Challenge as ‘beyond LEED’ because of its rigorous building performance measurements and it’s holistic interpretation of sustainability. The triple bottom line requirements include three categories for equity as well as many ambitious environmental goals, like Net Zero energy and water. If you have heard of Net Zero, it is a partial certification of the Living Building Challenge. Another unique feature for certification is that project performance is measured during the 12 months after occupancy to guarantee that all requirements have been met. The Living Building Challenge is run by the International Living Future Institute which organizes an annual conference, and at this year’s conference they released latest version of the LBC, Version 3.0.

To learn more about the Living Building Challenge 3.0, attend the COTEdc event Monday, August 4th from 5:30-8:00pm at the District Architecture Center. Or click on the image above to read about the new standards.

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