I recently visited Hammarby Sjostad, an ecodistrict in Stockholm, Sweden. The site was originally intended for an Olympic Village, but when Sweden lost the bid for the 2004 Olympics, they continued with the brownfield redevelopment of this former industrial area. Now it is a sustainable residential neighborhood that can be reached by boat, electric train, bike, or a biogas bus. Unique to this Stockholm neighborhood is that all apartments are connected to one district heating system which is fueled by their collective household waste. Some apartments feature biogas stoves and solar hot water. Exceptional landscape architecture connects the waterfront neighborhood with its natural surroundings, like a storm water managing canal, reintroduced vegetation in the main waterways, and a boardwalk with a variety of fun seating. Click on the photos above to see the full image. Interested in ecodistricts? Attend the EcoDistricts Summit in Washington DC September 24-26.

Read the Hammarby Sjostad case study from EcoDistricts.

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